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22 Jul

This month has been much more positive for me. I have returned to Loughborough and settled into my new house. I am enjoying living with my housemates and settling back into the student athlete lifestyle. I’ve been training much more consistently throughout this month and I can feel my enjoyment of training and motivation levels increasing. 

I am now swimming back in the pool which is a huge positive as I think I am back swimming much earlier than a lot of other athletes I know. I was expecting it to feel really weird, but it wasn’t actually too bad. For my first few sessions back, I was mainly focussing on my technique and getting my stroke back to how it was. Over time I’ve gradually been increasing my weekly volume and am starting to introduce some faster stuff in there too.

I am enjoying cycling around Loughborough and the surrounding areas exploring new routes and roads. I much prefer cycling down here than back at home. The roads are a lot quieter here. I’m not currently doing too much hard cycling at the moment; I am mainly just getting easy miles and hours in. 

Running wise, I am pretty much on full mileage and doing 2 coached sessions per week. I have entered a few 5k’s in the next coming months and am really excited to do some form of racing. I’m not exactly known for having the fastest 5k time so I am hoping to make some big improvements on my personal best. Currently my PB is 15.36 from October 2019 (the last 5k I did). I have at least three 5k’s lined up to do so I would like to get as close to 15 minutes as possible or possibly even faster. That is running at sub 3 minutes per kilometre for 5k or 4.50 per mile for 3.1 miles. I will also hopefully be entering a few 10k’s later on in the year and hopefully see some improvement on that too. 

Things still aren’t quite back to normal with lots of additional rules however I am very happy to be back and am enjoying having something to train for again. I will probably take a week off training as my ‘end of season break’ would have been towards the end of next month. Despite there being no racing for me this season I have maintained my training schedule so I will need to take a break to give my body a chance to fully recover before I go back into full winter training again. I will update you next month as to how training is going and how my first 5k went.

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