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29 Mar

This month has been a mixed bag of emotions. Firstly excitement looking forward to what could be a somewhat normal race season; however, on the down side I have had to get over a number of niggles these last few weeks which has hampered my training.. 

Throughout winter I have been very consistent and set the best possible base for me to build on in these next few months coming into race season. The high training and academic work volume is a tough thing to deal with being a student-athlete and I believe that it has made it challenging for me to optimally recover in between sessions. I am fortunate I  have access to the world class support staff and physio support from Loughborough University which has allowed me to recover relatively well. Despite the little niggles I have had to cope with, having the support has meant that I have had to only miss a week or two of running and I am now building back up to full run mileage. Throughout this period, I had increased my cycling volume so I didn't lose any fitness. 

My swimming is moving on nicely and I swam a 4.08 for a 400m time trail from a push in training trunks. I have also signed my contract with AquaSphere for the 2021 race season and I am looking forward to working with them, their support is much appreciated as always. Cycling wise at the start of the month the squad all had a three minute and a twelve minute power test. I am making solid steps forward dropping 478 watts for the three minute test and 382w for my twelve-minute test. I am looking to get these as close to 500w and 400w before the race season starts. 

I am currently training for a 5k which will take place at Mallory park (where I raced my last 5 and 10k’s) in April. Although I have had a short period out of running, I am confident that my consistency over the winter and the fitness I have gained will carry over to help me get back to race shape. With a few track sessions left from now and the 5k I’m sure I will be in a solid place come race day where I am hoping to break the 15-minute mark for 5k. 

I will let you know how I do in next months blog.

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