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26 Aug

September has been the most positive month I’ve had all summer. I am sharing a house with 3 of my best friends who also happen to be triathletes and at a similar level to myself. Things are slowly returning to normal in Loughborough with the triathlon performance squad being allowed to use the gym facilities as well as the track. 

This month’s main emphasis has mainly been getting back to swimming fitness with lots of work on our stroke technique. I am happy with the way things are coming together, I swam 2.02.2 for a 200m time trial and an 8.56 for my 800m time trail both from a push. No where near my best times but after only 4-5 weeks back in the pool things are moving on quite well and I am feeling more and more like my usual self each session. 

In last month’s blog I mentioned that I would be doing a few 5km races which I was really looking forward to, but unfortunately during one of my run sessions I strained my calf which meant I was unable to race. The session was 18 x 90 second efforts at my goal 10k pace with 30 seconds jog recovery. I maintained around 3.10-3.15km pace for the first 15 reps and felt good. I ended up getting a little bit carried away and was running sub 2.50 per kilometre pace for my last rep. On the last one my calf really ceased up and I could barely walk and I had to get a lift home. Thanks to the support of the squad physio I have recovered reasonably fast and I am back running again. Lesson learned. 

I am now working hard to get in shape for the Mallory park 5k which I will be racing in mid-October. There will be lots of classy runners there on a flat course so I am hoping to throw down a good time to cap off the summer. After that I will be taking a week or so, completely off training to recover physically and mentally in order to prepare for another big winter ahead. 

This will be my last blog for a while however, I will hopefully do a mid-winter update to let you know how I’m getting on.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my sponsors for their continued support as it is crucial to my success as I couldn’t do it without them. Next time you read one of my blogs I will be a much fitter and stronger version of myself. Thanks for reading and watch this space.

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