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01 Oct

Unfortunately, things haven’t been going my way this month the same way they haven’t all year. I’d been training extremely well for the past few weeks up to the start of this month where I unfortunately fell ill. I believe that I had been pushing slightly too hard and went over my limits of what my body was capable of at the time. I feel like with the disappointing season that I have had I was desperate to get a good result at the back end of this season, however as I have now learned, you just can’t force things to happen. 

I had been training for a month straight without any sort of rest period and I think a mix of fatigue and a prolonged period of time spent in the open water (swimming), my immune system would have been functioning below optimal levels. I wasn’t feeling 100% when I turned up to one of my open water sessions where I was told that we had a 5000m swim time trail. I swam 1:01:00 (1:12’s per 100m) in my training suit at the end of a training block which I was reasonably pleased with due to how I felt. I felt awful but still continued hard training for the next 3 days until I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed. A combination of a chest infection, ear infection and a cold wiped me out for 2 weeks. This also meant that I had to miss the British Triathlon Championships Grand Final which I was excited to race as I had been training really well. 

I have spent the remaining days of this month getting back into training and regaining fitness. The main thing is that I am healthy and training again.I had more disappointing news by finding out that I was 2nd GB reserve on the wait list for the Barcelona ETU cup. It was virtually impossible for us 1st year U23’s to get a start as you had to be inside the world’s top 200 senior ranked men to get on the start line. 

I am hoping to get into some continental cups at the back end of this year in order to get something out of this season and set myself up for the next year in the hope of having a better season than this one.Until then I am going to continue to train hard and show everyone the work that I have put in this year.

A big thanks to my sponsors who have been great for what has been a difficult season. 

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